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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Toxic Triad: How Big Food, Big Farming, and Big Pharma Spread Obesity, Diabetes, and Chronic Disease Across the Globe

One third of our economy thrive on making people sick and fat. Big Farming grows 500 more calories per person per day than 25 years ago because they get paid to grow extra food even when it is not needed. The extra corn (sugar) and soy (fat) are turned into industrial processed food and sugar-sweetened beverages - combinations of fat, sugar and salt that are proven to be addictive. These subsidized ($288 billion) cheap, low-quality foods are heavily marketed ($30 billion) and consumed by our ever-widening population with an obesity rate approaching three out of four Americans. The more they eat, the fatter they become. The fatter they become the more they develop heart disease, diabetes, cancer and a myriad of other chronic ailments.

Today, one in 10 Americans have diabetes. By 2050 one in three Americans will have diabetes. The sicker our population, the more medications are sold for high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, and many other lifestyle driven diseases. The Toxic Triad of Big Farming, Big Food, and Big Pharma profits from creating a nation of sick and fat citizens...more


  1. Diabetes is genetic you get it from your parents and not your food. If you have diabetes there is a diet that will minimize your symptoms but no diet will give you diabetes and no diet will cure diabetes.
    Obesity is genetic as well. Most people cannot eat themselves into obessity unless it is in their genes to be obese. We can all gain or lose a few pounds because of what we choose to eat but it is damned near impossible for a thin person to eat enough to become obese. The converse is true as well, that is a person with a genetic propensity to be obese cannot prevent themselves from being obese without eating a starvation diet.

    Your statistic about 1 in 3 Americans having diabetes by 2050 is a fraud given to us by the American Diabetes Association. They did this by using the data from a coordinated effort to discover undiagnosed diabetes. The phony stats don't reflect a "growth" in diabetes but rather a diagnoses of existing diabetes. Those using this statistic know it's BS and they do it to get more money and power for their organization. The actual rate of diabetes is not changing.


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