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Bullets, Beans


Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Welcome To Animal Farm

Orwell would be amazed – disgusted and amazed – things have gotten so out of control in the West today. Because increasingly, for the average citizen, it’s like chapter and verse from his classic Animal Farm, once used as a standard in all classrooms to teach children of the horrors associated with communism, the ‘demon of the day’, used by still maturing Western bureaucracies all those years ago. But alas, throughout the years something has gone terribly wrong, the lessons forgotten, the teachings replaced with ideals of why dictatorial conformity is good, and why you should think like a barnyard animal. That’s the way our self-serving bureaucrats, politicians, and top level bankers (the pigs and dogs) would have you think and act today, like a dumbed-down barnyard animal, still operating under the belief America is the land of the free, and that you are not simply viewed as a resource by the oligarchs. ...more

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