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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Gerald Celente - Sneak Peak of the Top Trends for 2012

“As the bankers take over, and we’re seeing what’s going on, they are throwing out democratically elected governments, we are forecasting there is going to be a severe decline in 2012, particularly in Europe. They are going to blame the problems in Europe as a reason for the problems going on over here (in the US). And we have our own (problems) that are as big as Europe’s, even bigger and better.
So that brings us to the next trend, get ready for economic martial law. They are going to call a bank holiday. So what we are saying is conditions have become a lot worse. And a bank holiday is no holiday folks. 

You can’t get your money out and when you do get it out, you will get it out a little bit at a time. It’s going to be worth a lot less. That’s what they do with bank holidays, they devalue your money. So they are going to do it again.”...more

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