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Bullets, Beans


Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Over 70 New Blogs/Sites added with the new RSS Feed

On Balance I think that abandoning posting in favour of a fifth RSS feed has worked out well with over 70 new sites added. As it stands now I can add to the Bullion and Bullets/Beans feeds as well as the New feed (The others are frozen). I wont post as there's simply no point in slowing the page loading time with 30  articles that invariably turn up on one of the hosted sites anyway. Again if you have a site/blog you want added leave a link in the comments section below.


  1. thanks for maintaining this site - it's right up there with the best!

    1. Thx SB been on Holiday for the last week but I am maintaining the site by removing dead blogs and adding new ones. It's a 1 stop shop hey? no need to go anywhere else.

  2. I visit 2x a day. Essential reading. Please keep up the good work. You are the bees knees!
    Many thanks

  3. Thanks today I added 2 new blogs. I normally add one or two a week as I find them, but need to do a spring clean and get rid of some of the dead ones

  4. Can you please email me the code for this script or please inform me in detail in relation to this script?


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