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Monday, 27 February 2012

US spies on Britons from UK soil

An investigative report has accused the U.S. government of using a controversial spy station in Yorkshire, Britain to “subvert and destroy democracy”.

The report funded by the Joseph Rowntree foundation was based on an investigation led by Steve Schofield into the Menwith Hill base near Harrogate, the daily Morning Star reported.

It revealed for the first time the station’s integral role in military offensives – potentially including drone strikes – and corporate snooping.

The investigation found that the cost to the British taxpayer of hosting the base has been grossly downplayed while the alleged benefits to the local and national economies have been hugely exaggerated.

The cost of policing the station is in excess of £500,000 each year, with the cost to the Ministry of Defense over the last five years estimated at over £7 million....more

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