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Friday, 3 February 2012

The ‘New World Order’ Means ‘Slavery and Death’

The headline of this article may be shocking to those of you who visit SGTreport primarily for precious metals related information. The hyper-links below have been carefully chosen to support this thesis with evidence, so please investigate for yourself.

The criminally insane social Darwinists who are targeting us will not stop. Ever. Unless we stop them first. The New World Order will allow us no quarter. And if America falls, there is no where left to run, and no where left to hide. Our only option is to fight them head-on in the infowar and in the court of public opinion.

The demonic monsters who are running this planet want to destroy everything you hold dear. They literally want everything you have and they will stop at nothing to get it. They want your brokerage and retirement accounts. They want your pensions. They want to restrict your access to nutrition through their unconstitutional international “agendas”. They want to charge you money for the air you exhale. They want to strip you of your property rights. And your parental rights. They want to strip your nation of its industrial base. They want to strip your nation of its Sovereignty. They want to keep you chained to endless personal debt. And endless national debt. They want to kill your sons in their endless, illegal and unconstitutional wars. They want to damage or kill your daughters with high-risk, low-reward vaccines. And your daughter’s children too. They want you to eat their feces-filled food and drink their highly toxic water. They want to poison you from the skies above. They want to poison you from the earth below. They have already poisioned a significant portion of your food supply. The want your liberties. And they want to make you so poor through their fiat monetary system that you will be unable to fight back. They want all of the big things that make your life worth living. And they want the little things too...more

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