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Bullets, Beans


Thursday, 23 February 2012


I lived in Detroit for three years. Well, not really IN Detroit, out in the suburbs, and I moved away 11 years ago, by the grace of God. There is always a lot of talk and writing about Detroit. The downtown was a war zone, even back then. It looked like Beirut. It looked like a war had been fought there. Working in the ER’s, I saw worse carnage than at a MASH unit during the Vietnam War. No human being should have to live in such conditions, or be subject to the terror which is a fact of life in Detroit.

Eleven years later, it’s gotten much, much worse. This article brings the reality of Detroit to full light, and even I was shocked. Just read this article to see what life will be like nationwide before long. Don’t think it will happen to you? Guess again. And this is what’s coming to all cities before long, except it will be worse when the direct-deposit and SNAP benefits stop flowing from Uncle Obama. This is what’s coming to a city near you folks. If Detroit is the future of America, it’s time to hit the road to greener pastures, while we still can...more

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