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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The average British worker struggles for cash just 17 days after payday

The average British worker is worrying that they are broke just 17 days after payday, a report from the banking giant Halifax will warn today.
The report highlights the nightmare facing cash-strapped workers who are struggling to pay soaring household bills while many are being hit by a pay freeze or pay cut by their boss.

For the worst-hit victims, the money worries begin even sooner.

The research reveals one in 10 people ‘admitted that things get tight within a week of receiving their monthly salary.’

The majority of workers are in better financial shape - but not good shape. It found the average worker is concerned that money is tight just 17 days after they have been paid.

As a result, they face spending around a fortnight worrying about money, with many going further and further into the red due to a chronic lack of cash...more

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