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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Many Of Us Will Never “See Happy Days Are Here Again” Again

The spiral into insolvency continues, despite government’s efforts to make you believe that there is a recovery. At this point, this country is too far gone. It is mathematically impossible to service the debt. Furthermore, the debt burden makes it impossible to regenerate reasonable economic growth. The end has been determined, only the timing remains to be known.

For politicians (and it does not matter which party), the only remaining strategy is to use bailing wire to hold matters together from one election to the next. Unfortunately, the supply of bailing wire is now scarce. Will we last until November 2012 before a financial collapse or some other event uncovers the fraud? That is hard to tell, but the postponement of reality is all that drives the political approach to economic policy.

The employment report this past week showed a substantial rise in new hires, although it was not enough to reflect a true recovery. The mainstream media, desperate for some good news in order to support their candidate Barack Obama, trumpeted the results as an inflection point in the economic “recovery.” There is no economic recovery! Nor will there be one until an economic collapse of historical magnitude occurs...more

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