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Bullets, Beans


Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Changes to the Blog

This Blog was set up as a convenient way to track multiple blogs through the RSS Feeds. Unfortunately all but the "AND BULLION" blog list sections are now full and I cannot add any new blogs to these sections. Which is unfortunate as I'm regularily coming across interesting new(and old) sites with RSS feeds, across a broad range of subjects, but that I now cannot add to my lists .

I have decided therefore to create another page element above the 'posts' section giving me 5 RSS feeds instead of 4 with the ability to add up to another 170 new blogs/sites in the future. This however will make posting almost irrelevent as posts will appear under the blog list feed.

I will therefore no longer 'post' but have 5 RSS feed sections, all tracking blogs/sites.

I'll leave this post up for a couple of days to give regular readers a chance to get a 'heads up' before changes are made and to allow feed back (if anyones got any).



  1. I agree. Love the site

  2. The very best news site on the net, IMHO.

    Many thx!

  3. Please keep it going this site is one of my top 2,

  4. Love the site
    chk these feeds out!


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