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Bullets, Beans


Saturday, 11 February 2012

Are We Living In A Police State?

Drug RaidImagine that one evening you’re at home getting ready to go to bed and suddenly there’s a knock on your kitchen door. Nobody ever knocks this late and you’re a little nervous, so you cautiously get up to see who’s there. Suddenly it explodes in and five or ten guys in full combat uniform swarm through the door. They knock you down and drag you outside and one of them sits on your back and cuffs your hands together while the other points a rifle at your head. Your wife is dragged screaming from the house and subjected to the same treatment.

Your fourteen year old daughter is brought out with a gun pointed at her head and from inside the house you hear a gunshot as your dog is shot and killed.

Then one of them tells you that they’re a SWAT team doing a raid on the house because an informant has given them your address.

The men search your house and after a couple of hours come back to you, pull you to your feet, and apologize saying they were given the wrong address by their druggie informant.

Sorry about that and see you later...more

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