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Monday, 2 January 2012

Top Survival Articles From 2011 to Help Prepare For 2012

An article posted by CBS St. Louis appears to reinforce the idea that an increasing number of people feel as though societal collapse is a very real possibility, and is not just ranting from the dark corners of the Internet.

Citing such events as the obvious worldwide political uprisings and the failing global economy, one store manager in Missouri notes:
'I’ve had people in here that are very wealthy and they’ve spent thousands of dollars just on backpacks that they fill with survival gear, one for each person of their family,' Dorsey said, 'And something where they can just grab a bag and get out of Dodge.'
However, is this incredible uptick in activity just another knee-jerk response to instability like Y2K, or are we beginning to see a real indication of an underlying sea change that acknowledges the long-term value of being self-sufficient?...more

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