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Bullets, Beans


Sunday 1 January 2012

Preps For 2012

If we want to be prepared for 2012, what are the things that need to be done, so that we will be better prepared for this likely crazy year?
Apart from the Mayan ‘end-of-the-age’ predictions, many people feel in their gut that we are heading towards more turmoil and hard times during 2012.

The economic conditions, worldwide, have become much worse than they were prior to the 2008 crash. This time, not only is much of the private sector ‘broke’, in debt, and under water, but NATIONS are broke, in debt and under water! Since 2008, the underlying fundamental problems have not changed… in fact they have become much worse. Things have been ‘papered over’ by the powers-that-be, the can has been kicked down the road, and people are instinctively becoming aware that the game is nearly over....more

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