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Friday, 13 January 2012

Pharmageddon: Profits peak from Prozac nation's pills passion

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  1. Harriet Fraad is a psychotherapist-hypnotherapist who I am sure charges her clients $150 and hour. She cannot prescribe drugs so she accuses drug companies of profiting by making drugs!!?? What is she doing by charging $150 (probably a lot more) an hour to listen to people? Is that not outrageous "profit"?

    I also thought it was interesting that the commentator seemed to dwell on the fact that only the U.S. allows drug companies to advertise to consumers. So wouldn't it be accurate to say that only the U.S. allows freedoms for consumers to have knowledge while all other countries censor what consumers can hear? How is it bad for a consumer to know a product, especially a health related product, is available?


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