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Wednesday 11 January 2012

Download, Burn. Share

The news is quiet today. I've repeatedly tracked my various feeds and news aggregators for the last few hours and there's little of interest to post that isn't being covered in the feeds so I'll give a quick crash course on downloading and burning films to share with family members and friends, or just to watch  yourself on the dvd player, for those that are interested.

There are now many hundreds of  films on a whole variety of subjects: finance, the police state, economic collapse, supressed cures, disease, health, permaculture etc  that you can legally download and burn to disc, and downloading, burning and sharing films is a great way to inform and educate those you care about and that are still in darkness on so many important issues. Try Films for action or Free documentaries for ideas

Getting it right though can be a time consuming process and a little daunting to those unfamiliar with the process and the software so, seeing as I'm a fuckin expert at this, I'll explain it for those that may be interested. Within an hour you will be able to download and burn films to disc perfectly and consistently time after time and all completly free except for the cost of the disc. Read on if your interetsed.

The first thing you will need is a torrent download programme. Go here and download 'Utorrent free'. We never pay for anything. Then forget about it. This is the programme that will download your film from the source(explained next)

Next you want a film, two of my favourites are Food Matters and Money as Debt, most people I meet end up with a copy of one or both of these films

The links above are at 'Isohunt' a torrent hosting site. Simply click 'download torrent' and utorrent will open automatically , click 'open file' and utorrent will begin downloading, you can turn it off for a week, a month, whatever and it will continue downloading when you open utorrent again and you will have a perfect film, usually in avi or mp4 format that you can watch on the computer with a media player. If you have a good internet connection you can have a film in 3 hours.

To find a film simply type the name of the film followed by the word torrent in google ie

Food matters torrent, or

 Money as Debt torrent

and click the links that originate at either isohunt or piratebay(the best) check the comments on the torrent to make sure it's a good file, hit download torrent and get the film.

Once you have the film you need a programme to burn it to disc. This where utorrent comes in again we're going to get the burning programme for free, we're going to use this:

Covert X to DVD.

download the torrent, should take about 10 mins, open exe file, install programme(its clean) and your up and running

To use the programme open it and select 'add files' at top left, navigate to your file(film) and hit  the 'convert' button at bottom right(make sure you have a disc in the drive) the programme will convert and burn the disc If your in USA go into settings and select NTSC and if in UK or europe select PAL for burn spec first) Takes about an hour to convert and 10 mins to burn. Works perfect everytime

And thats it. I'll monitor comments if you have any problems


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