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Monday, 12 December 2011

Gold, Silver and Platinum Are Absolutely Essential For a Diversified Portfolio!

Over the last ten years, the three precious metals have outperformed equities by almost 4 to 1. Where traditional portfolio thinking went wrong was in the belief that commodity stocks and other alternative investment vehicles were a sufficient proxy for physical precious metals in investment portfolios but, in reality, these so-called proxy investments come with significant risks disassociated with the ownership and performance of bullion itself and do not necessarily provide a direct or pure asset class exposure to commodities. We contend that these so-called proxy investments add uncertainty as they expose portfolios to other variables such as financial, geographic and political risks which are then layered on top of operational and management issues.

Physical bullion, on the other hand, provides:
  1. insurance against failure of all other investments,
  2. better liquidity and is the only asset class (excluding cash) with
  3. a positive correlation coefficient with inflation, and therefore, the only asset class that can provide
  4. protection from a systemic crisis....more

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