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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Europe's Ride To Hell In A Handcart

Obviously to anybody watching things from Mars, one key change-to-come is the end of late stage neoliberal-type capitalism's own last stage: the pinwheel gambling smoke-and-mirrors economy. Bad bets and deep debts have unsurprisingly snowballed to monstruous scales, which in the European case are casually described by present incumbent political leaders and their tame media as needing "10 or 20 years" to dissipate or absorb "if everything goes right". What comes after that economic model isnt easy to map, but could include just about the opposite of everything we have today.

Chance events, even freak events - always called unrepeatable - will certainly play on the time needed to move further along the curve. Iran crisis leading to Gulf war, as one major example, is in fact a 30-year-old freak event with big potentials for repeating itself. Only for a very short while would oil at $150-a-barrel spur equity traders to talk up their betting chips, before panic set in and gold went parabolic. In the current framework, this could be enough to trigger the awaited collapse of the euro and trigger a Fortress Europe federalist plan for survival, this time with the UK happy to play. Likewise, it may only need a short winter (possibly aided by Global Warming !) to get the anti-government protestors massing again across Europe, in the USA and Russia. The dice have been shaken and the results will come hard and fast...more.

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