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Tuesday 13 December 2011

Collapse Of The World Financial System Why MF Global Is Worse Than Europe

The shocking collapse of MF Global with the amount of missing client funds now rising to $1.2 billion, is so devastating, we are at the precipice of complete financial disaster. The United States boasts far too much of its greatness and “liberty and justice for all” but its actions reveal nothing but greed, distain, and contempt of the rights of man that include his right to property. Jon Corzine was a bond trader at Goldman Sachs and has been known as an aggressive trader all along. He intervened at the SEC and changed the direction of MF Global. What is at stake now is exposing the political corruption of the New York media, courts, Justice Department, Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Securities Exchange Commission, and political process has come together in such a way that the fate of the nation is truly hanging in the balance....more

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