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Bullets, Beans


Wednesday, 14 December 2011

"Armageddon Outa Here!"

We can and must move forward to a time where locally produced food, grown and reared in ways that return fertility to the soil, is enjoyed in its proper season. We can and must move forward to a time when value is not primarily measured by how cheap something is but by how well it is made and how long it will last. We can and must move forward to a time when things are not built to be sold and thrown away, but to be bought, cherished and repaired.

We can and must move forward to a time when the needlessly created wants promoted by cynical and manipulative advertisers ("the bureaucrats of capitalism") are replaced by the satisfaction of buying good and truly useful things produced as close to home and sustainably as possible.

The transition to a successor to the current Age of Waste is inevitable, but we still have a choice as to what will come after it. If things stay on their present destructive trajectory, the 'long emergency' of Peak Oil, and the intertwined shortages that are coming with it, are likely to lead to a sort of new feudalism.

The 'big boys' of banking, energy, corporate cannibalism and military clout will use their existing wealth and power to grab everything and everyone that survives the helter-skelter slide down the grim side of the Hubbert's Peak

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